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  • Remember to check with Ride Managers before leaving for a ride.  Weather or other conditions may produce a change


Sep 2          New England Arabian Trail Organization (NEATO), Scrabble Trail Ride 
    Cardina Trout Pond, Hope Valley, RI
    10/20 miles, same loop; $varies $10-$25; check-in 8:30; ride-out 9:00-10:00; camping; pre-reg by 8/30 for lunch;
     refreshments before, after; parking is limited, please share trailers if possible!
     Celeste Santos-River:  Phone: (860) 235-1098 (leave msg)      

Sep 7-9      Dog River Horse Club, 1st Annual Victory Ride (Walt's field)
    Northeast Kingdom Equestrian Trails Victory Hill, VT
    12-20 miles; $varies, donations to land owner; check-in Friday, ride-out begins 10:00; refreshments none;
    pre-reg by 9/3; camping; bring your own food; Saturday night potluck; bring your own food and bring water for horses.
    Patricia Brandon, Phone: (802) 524-3682

Sep 9          Bay State Trail Riders (BSTRA), Luau Ride 
Upton State Forest, 205 Westboro Rd., Upton, MA
7 +/- miles; $30 BSTRA member, $35 non-member, jr half price; check-in 9:30, ride-out begins 10:00; pre-reg by 9/4 for lunch; refreshments after; post entries welcome but no lunch; register on-line; no phone/email registrations; Please clean up!
                     Lynn Paresky, Phone: (508) 476-7094  

Sep 9          West Greenwich Horseman's Association (WGHA), Cirque de' Versatal (Versatility and Trail Ride)
    Goddard State Park, East Greenwich, RI
    6/12/18 miles; $20 adults, $15 jr, $10 if compete in all 3 versatility rings; check-in 8:30, ride-out begins 9:00;
    refreshments after; pre-reg by 9/4 for lunch; NEHT/WGHA mileage; see website for all details.
    Linda Krul, Phone: (401) 397-5768

Sept 9        New Hampshire Horse & Trail Ride Annual Ride
    Profile Falls, Bristol, NH
    8 & 16 miles; $30 adults/$25 juniors; check in 8:30 am/rid out begins 9:00 am, last horse out 10 am
    refreshments before, snack on trail and lunch after; pre-register by 9/7 to guarantee meal;
    Raffle for a spring shot series at Deerfield Veterinary, proceeds to benefit Challenge Unlimited, a equestrian program
    for veterans
    Pat Darmofal, 508-641-0612

Sept 16        Build a School in Africa/LHOA, Build a School in Africa Benefit Ride CANCELLED
    Willowbrook Farm, 90 Mill St, Groton, MA 01450
    7/15/20 (approx.) miles; pre-entry (by 8/22): $30 sr $15 jr, after 8/22: $35 sr $20 jr; refreshments before, on trail,
    home-cooked dinner after; check-in 8:30 ride-out 9:15-10:15; camping Saturday night (call ahead);
    pre-reg not req'd for ride, call/email by 9/9 for food planning and save $5.
    Judy Lorimer, Phone: (978) 433-2384

Sept 16     Horse Play Equine Rescue, Benefit Ride #5 & Versatility Goddard Memorial Park, Ives Rd, East Greenwich, RI
    6/12/18 miles; ride or drive; $20; check-in 8:30, ride-out 9:30-10:30; refreshments before and after; lunch included;
    may be themed (poker, scrabble, etc.) and may offer versatility challenge.
    Deidre Sharp, Phone: (401) 864-2943

Sep 21-23 Dog River Horse Club, Tunbridge Annual Weekend
    Tunbridge Fairgrounds, Tunbridge, VT
    12-18 miles; $85 for food & $22 for camping each night; check-in Friday 1:00, ride-out begins 10:00;
    refreshments available; pre-reg by 9/5; camping; weekend ride with showers and stalls if needed;
    all food will be available each day.
                     Patricia Brandon, Phone: (802) 343-4140     
Sep 23        Bay State Trail Riders (BSTRA), Fall Benefit Pleasure Ride
    401 Snake Hill Rd, N. Scituate, RI, Tourbillion Trailers
    10 +/- miles; $25 BSTRA members, $30 non-members, jrs 1/2 price; check-in 9:30, ride-out begins 10:00;
    refreshments after; pre-reg by 9/19 for lunch.
    Lynn Paresky, Phone: (508)476-7094

Sep 23 SMART
    Gorham, ME
    6/9/18 miles; $20-$25; check-in 9:00, ride-out begins10:00; refreshments before, after.
    Melinda Rankin, Phone: (207) 749-9503

Sep 23        West Greenwich Horseman's Association (WGHA), Soapy Scent Ride
    LeGrand Reynold Horseman's Area, Arcadia, Escoheag, RI
    10/20 miles; $varies; check-in 9:00, ride-out 9:00-11:00; please pre-enter so lunch can be planned accordingly;
    see website for all details.
    LuAnn Grafe, Phone: (401)440-1271

Sep 27-Oct 1 Green Mountain Horse Association (GMHA), Fall Foliage Pleasure Rides
    GMHA, South Woodstock, VT, 05071
    6-8, 10-15 each day; cost varies, see website; pre-reg req'd by 9/21; check-in 9:00; ride-out 9:30­10:30; camping;
    refreshments before, lunch on trail (weather permitting), after; see website for details.
    Megan Rosen , Phone (802) 457-1509

Sep 30        Pemiquaney Riding Club, Nettie Dearborn Memorial Trail Ride (Rain date 9/29)
    56 Cooksville Rd, Plymouth, NH, 03264
    9/15 miles; $30; check-in 8:30, ride-out 9:00-10:00; camping by appt; refreshments before, on trail, after.
    Cathy Day, Phone: (603) 786-9336

Sep 30        West Greenwich Horseman's Association (WGHA), Fun Ride
    Goddard Park, Warwick, RI
    6/12/18 miles; $varies; check-in 7:30, ride-out 7:30-10:30; refreshments after; NEHT/WGHA mileage;
    fun show with games; see website for all details.
    Linda Krul, Phone: (401) 397-5768

Sep 30        New England Arabian Trail Organization (NEATO), Morning After Ride 
    Legrand Horseman’s Area Arcadia, Escoheag, RI
    8/15/23 miles; $varies $10-$25; check-in 9:00; ride-out 10:00; camping; refreshments before, after.
    Lucha Malato  Phone: (201) 970-6888