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  • Remember to check with Ride Managers before leaving for a ride


Rides may be cancelled or postponed because of the corona virus.  Riders are cautioned to check with ride management before leaving for a ride.  We may not be able to update the site in time to post a cancellation.

Aug 6-8      Dog River Horse Club, Farr’s Trail Ride Weekend
Waterbury, VT (Call Contacts for GPS directions)
10-16 miles; $none (state park fee $4.00); check-in any time, ride-out begins 10:00; pre-reg req’d by 8/2; refreshments none; camping; bring your own food for the weekend; Saturday night potluck, food truck at the field with Creamy’s available.
                     John Farr, Phone: (802) 272-3158
Jim, Phone: (802) 522-5029
Aug 7-8      Green Mountain Horse Association (GMHA), Summer Pleasure Ride
GMHA, South Woodstock, VT, 05071
Various options 6-15 miles; $varies; pre-reg req’d by 7/30; check-in 7:00; ride-out 9:15-10:00; refreshments before, after; camping; see website for details.
                     Hannah Bright , Phone: (802) 457-1509                                                                             
Aug 8          Bay State Trail Riders (BSTRA), Domnarski Farm Pleasure Ride     POSTPONED - NEW DATE TBD  
Ware, MA
4/8/10/20 miles; $20 members, $25 non-members, jrs free; check-in 9:30, ride-out begins 10:00; refreshments after; pre-reg by 8/4 for lunch; register on-line/form on website; no phone/email reservations; Please clean up!.
                     Joan Lowbridge-Sisley, Phone: (508) 735-4057                                                      

Aug  14-15 West Greenwich Horseman’s Assoc. (WGHA), Find and Shoot Scavenger Hunt Ride  
Reynolds Horsemen’s Area, Arcadia
8-10 mile loop, 2 loops max; $varies $10-$35 per day; check-in 8:30, ride-out 8:30-9:30; pre-reg by 8/12 for  lunch; no camping; pre-reg encouraged for lunch; read flyer on website for details; ride marked trails while finding items on a list and answering riddles!
                    Celeste Santos-Rivera, Phone: (860) 235-1098 (leave msg)

Aug  15       Bay State Trail Riders (BSTRA), Galloping Gourmet Pleasure Ride  
Lake Dennison/Birch Hill, Royalston, MA
6/10/20 miles; $20 members, $25 non-members, jrs free; check-in 9:30, ride-out begins 10:00; pre-reg by 8/11 for  lunch; post entries same prices but no lunch; refreshments after; register on-line; no phone/email registrations; Please clean up!
                     Becky Kalagher, Phone: (508) 476-3960                                                                                
Aug 22        Horse Play Equine Rescue, Benefit Ride #2
Goddard State Park, Ives Rd, East Greenwich, RI
6/12/18 miles; $25; check-in 8:00, ride-out 8:30-9:30; refreshments before, after; lunch included; prizes.
                     Deidre Sharp, Phone: (401) 864-2943 
Aug 27-29 SMART, Overnight Ride 
1190 Knight’s Hill Rd, Sweden, ME
TBD miles; $TBD; check-in 9:00, ride-out begins10:00; refreshments before, on trail, after; camping; pre-reg req’d.
                     Brenda Demers, Phone: (207) 583-2936 
Aug 28        Tri-State Horsemen’s Association (TSHA)  
Legrande Reynolds Horseman’s Area, Escoheag Hill Rd, Exeter, RI
10 miles; $5 members, $15 non-members, $5 lunch only; check-in 9:00; ride-out 9:00-10:00; refreshments before, after; camping; Check Facebook page “Tristate Horsemen’s Association (TSHA)” for updated information;.
                     Mary Redmond, Phone: (860) 949-6786

Aug 29        Bay State Trail Riders (BSTRA), Poker Run  
Inman Hill Wildlife Conservation Area, Mendon, MA
8 +/- miles; $20 members $25 non-members; check-in 9:00, ride-out begins10:00; pre-reg by 8/25 for lunch and entry in poker run; refreshments after; register on-line; no phone/email registrations.
                     Becky Kalagher, Phone: (508) 476-3960